Photos are sorted by bib number as much as possible. If your bib was not readable, look for your photos in the bib sorter tagged as U (for unreadable).

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Instead of paying us for postage, sales tax and a markup for a print order, purchase digital copies of favorite products and have them printed out at a drug or department store near you. For example, a 4x6 print from us costs $16.64 after New York State sales tax and shipping; a digital copy costs $11.49. Typical prices at stores with photo machines run 29 cents for a 4x6, 79 cents for a 5x7 and 99 cents for an 8x10. We will take care of sizing and cropping. All you need to do is copy the file onto a disk, thumb drive or even your cell phone and have it printed out during a shopping trip. Or email the file to many stores, and it will be waiting when you arrive. This means no waiting up to 10 days for mail to arrive … very handy for last-minute holiday and birthday gifts. We process digital orders within 2 business days of receiving them.

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Every photo purchased from this event is individually adjusted for best quality before delivery. Cropping is available. Email with questions about cropping.

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This event also includes finish line videos at 854x480 resolution for mobile devices ($14.99) and high-resolution for your TV or large computer screen ($19.99). Video clips are broken down by time intervals or 3-7 minutes. There also is an option, at the same price, to have the clip edited down to just the time when you approached and crossed the finish line. These clips usually run 10-30 seconds.